MICA, a.k.a. Rachel Pellarini-Blum, is an Italian/Venezuelan DJ, music journalist and vinyl collector based in New York City (USA).

Current resident DJ & host at Radio Raheem (Milano, IT) and 8Ball Radio (NY).

Former presenter of Balcony TV Rome (Orchard-Sony // 2014-2019).

Since 2006 has worked as a host, author and producer of alternative and independent music radio shows at La Mega 99.7 (Maracaibo, VE), Rai Radio1, Radio Rock 106.6, Radio Popolare Roma 103.3 and Radio Kaos Italy (Roma, IT). Founder of the audiovisual collective MATB (2010) and the video blog LNP (Roma/Madrid 2012-2015).

Big supporter and promoter of DIY and underground culture, with an eclectic taste and special love for world psychedelia, Caribbean rhythms, rock’n’roll, obskure waves and heavy basses.


Instagram @micasociale

Facebook @micasocialedj


Jah Live – Author, Danman

Wicked Skank – DE-TÜ

Jah Rain – Evergreen, Landlord (RSD Remix)

N4 – Fearless Dread

Super Echo – Egoless

 Tabula – Foamplate

Knowledge – Numa Crew

Heart Sprint – Somah, Nova

Like Thunder – Danny Scrilla, Kromestar

Cha – Karma

That’s What I Was Talking About in ’96 – Ago

Post Echo Dub – Quasar

Warp 6 – III K

Badman Vip – Cryptic Minds