From Indonesia to Uganda, passing through Italian television in the 90s, the demons in Jordan, and the sonic fictions of the latest Kode9, the voice of Moor Mother is the furthest west on the globe in this mixtape.

mildredpierce aka Valeria Miracapillo

Composer and performer of electroacoustic music, Valeria Miracapillo studied theory and aesthetic of performing art in Rome, then specialised in composition at the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen. She is active within the improvised music scene with saxophonist Albert Cirera and violinist Dimos Vryzas among others. She composed for theatre, film, dance and radio. Her work is published on Flaming Pines and Radiophrenia (UK) Discordian Records (SP), Barefoot Records (DK).





Les Enfants Macabres – Cynthia Forlorne
L’attesa è sacra (This tape machine destroys time) – Gianluca Elia
Impazamo – Menzi
The Break Up – Kode9
Antidawn – Burial
Troppolitani – Antonio Rezza
All’amato me stesso – Carmelo Bene
Temporal Control – Moor Mother
Eed B Eed (Ma3 El Shaytan) – Abdel Ja7eem Hafeth
Nightmare Song – Ecko Bazz
Ya No Es El Mismo – Pufuleti
Super 95 – Pufuleti
MARAD prelude – Al-Mutreb Abul-Loul
Sorry Habibti – Al-Mutreb Abul-Loul
Bujang Ganong – Raja Kirik
Jaranan Buto – Kepruk Krido Yakso
Wo De Shijian – Sabiwa
Caronte – Sabiwa
1642 Try 621 – Reload